Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Competition 2021

2021 Aveda Institutes Student Competition

This annual student award competition was created to memorialize one of the greatest motivators in the Aveda network.  A role model for all - Edwin Neill II not only believed in our mission, he lived it daily.  His greatest memory will be his contribution to the youth of the beauty industry.  The Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Award emphasizes Edwin’s belief in team versus individual achievement, which he brought to our network.  

Each Aveda Institute will choose one student in each category for Cut, Color and Makeup to represent their campus.  If you are chosen to represent your Institute, you will work with your team to complete a before and after on a live model.  You will have the opportunity to work with a local professional photographer to capture the best representation of your work.   Top 3 teams will be announced on August 16th!  Winning team will receive tickets to Aveda Congress, September 25th-28th in Minneapolis!  Winning team will also receive a gorgeous handmade traveling Edwin Neill II trophy to proudly display on their campus for the year.  

How do you participate?


Preliminary Student Competition
Students can submit  into one category only:

  • Haircut & Style (performed on mannequin or live model)
  • Hair Color (performed on mannequin or live model)
    • Two 40g bowls of color will be Gifted
    • All other bowls must be purchased for $10 per 40g
  • Makeup (performed on live model)

Mannequins will be available for purchase at Guest Care

  • Bridgette $23.10 - 100% Human Hair 16”-17”
  • Debra $29.75 - 100% Human Hair 17”-19”

Color, Styling Products and Makeup MUST be AVEDA! 


Competition is open to all Aveda Students who have tested out to accept guests
Students will be judged on the following:

  • Creativity
  • Artistry
  • Difficulty
  • Presentation
  • GPA & Attendance 

Submissions must be submitted in a Google Slide Presentation Format.  


  • Full Name
  • School & Program (cosmetology/esthetics) 
  • Category for submission
  • Instagram Handle


  • Final Image of Haircut/Color/Makeup
    • Hair -Front/Sides/Back of Model/Mannequin 
    • Makeup - Full Face/ Sides/ Eyes Open/ Eyes Closed


  • Technical Information - Blueprint/Formulations/Makeup Map 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Download Technical Blueprint


  • Short Essay - answer one of the below questions
    • Why did you decide to attend the Aveda Institute?
    • How do you see yourself reaching your full potential? 

Submissions will be Due to your Director/Education Manager by midnight on June 10th.

Teams will be announced for each campus during the Live Virtual Earth Jam on Tuesday, June 15th at 3:00pm eastern time.

Facials for Frontliners

Complimentary 60-minute facials for frontline workers. A $35 value!

*Available until 7/31. Must provide valid work identification at checkout.


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