Botanical Repair is Game Changing

People toss around words like “revolutionary” and “breakthrough” all the time, so much so that these words tend to lose their meaning. (Seriously, pumpkin spice cold brew might be cool—but revolutionary?) With that said, we are gaga over Aveda’s newest hair repair line, Botanical Repair, and can say with confidence that this collection is – in every sense of the word – breakthrough!


Generally, repair is focused at the surface level of the hair. So, while damage is being repaired—it’s like putting a bandage over a bad wound without addressing what’s going on under it.

Aveda’s Botanical Repair line reverses hair damage at all three levels of the hair, repairing from the innermost core out.

  • Inner Cortex – A plant-powered, bond-multiplying molecule strengthens and repairs the hair’s inner core. These molecules interlock with the hair’s own structure, within and across the hair keratin cortex, for superior strength.

  • Cuticle – A nourishing macro-green blend smooths the middle layer of the hair to detangle, helping prevent breakage in the cuticle.

  • F-Layer – A plant-based complex mimics the benefits of the hair’s outermost F-layer. This helps protect it from humidity and water, which can make hair more fragile.


The best-known hair repair products on the market do have bond-multiplying properties—but they are all synthetic. Aveda has spent months developing a patented bond-multiplying molecule that is 100 percent derived from plants, and is superior to synthetic performance.

Some of the ingredients used in Botanical Repair formulas are certified organic sacha inchi oil (rich in omega-3s); avocado oil (rich in omega-9 and -7) and cold-pressed green tea oil.


Aveda’s mission since 1978 has been to promote environmental leadership and responsibility, and create non-toxic products that care for the earth and everything living on it. The Botanical Repair line supports this vision by being naturally derived, silicone-free, sulfate cleanser-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Other hair repair products currently available do not meet these ecological and ethical standards.

Even the packaging is eco-friendly: Botanical Repair is sold in bottles and jars made from 100% PCR (post-consumer resins), eliminating the use of virgin petrochemical plastics.


We’re so used to products crafted for specific hair types and textures that it’s mind-blowing when one product line can fulfill its promise for EVERYONE. Botanical Repair has been formulated for, and tested on, ALL hair types from fine to coarse, from textured to stick-straight.

It is also safe for color-treated and chemically processed hair.

No matter what you did to harm your hair, Botanical Repair can fix it. It repairs the four types of hair damage: physical (brushing, detangling); chemical (relaxing, bleaching); heat (blow-drying, flat ironing); and environmental (hard water, UV exposure).


Unlike other damage repair services, our in-salon treatment takes only 10 minutes. That’s it! In the time it takes your favorite barista to make that pumpkin spice cold brew, you could have noticeably softer, shinier and stronger hair.

All that sounds groundbreaking – and judging from the professional Botanical Repair treatments we’ve been performing at Aveda Institute Des Moines – it is! Even knowing in advance about the breakthrough properties of this new line, we are amazed at the level of transformation from just one treatment. Our guests are thrilled to walk out of our doors with much healthier hair.



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