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More than a Beauty School -  The Aveda Institute Des Moines is more than a beauty school. We are Iowa’s award-winning, accredited, cutting edge, eco-friendly Cosmetology and Spa Institution dedicated to shaping the future of beauty, our industry, and the world we live in. The mission is achieved based on principles of: TRUST & RESPECT, TEAMWORK, PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, KNOWLEDGE & GROWTH, EXCELLENT SERVICE

Cosmetology Program OVERVIEW

1550 hours | 44 weeks

The training program provides theoretical study which serves as the foundation of the student’s education. Practical experience builds on classroom theory to provide the essential technical training of a salon professional. Each phase of the students’ education emphasizes a different combination of fundamental cosmetology subject matter. The Cosmetology program is comprised of hair and scalp treatments, hair shaping, hair arranging, chemical waving and relaxing, hair coloring, facial treatments and skin care, hair removal, natural nail care, and acrylic nails. The program also provides instruction in Des Moines, Iowa law, safety, and sanitation, as well as personal/business development and career management.

Program Objective

The objective of this program is to prepare the students for the state licensing examination in Cosmetology and to provide appropriate and comprehensive training thereby enabling them to enter the field of Cosmetology. Graduates of the program will be employable as salon service providers, salon sales representatives, salon owners/managers, business managers, industry educators, and freelance artists. The Aveda Institute graduate will receive a diploma in Cosmetology and will be prepared to enter the industry with a higher than average skill level. 

Instructional Methods

The program is taught using several different types of instructional methods such as lectures, videos, hands-on techniques, demonstrations, overheads, power points, and internet research.

Great Stories Start at Aveda Institutes

Aubrey Cole

Marketing Team Lead at Nurtur Aveda Institutes

Loveland, OH

When I toured the Aveda Institute I felt this energy in my soul that said this is the environment I want to be in.

Marie Pannell-Biggs

Educator at Aveda Institute

Columbus, OH

I was working at a beautiful salon where I met someone that invited me to do New York Fashion Week

Levi Gragg

Senior Stylist, Nurtur Salon + Spa

Columbus, OH

It was one of the first times I thought, oh my god this is a career that I haven’t thought about that opens up a lot of doors for me.

Megan Bitterman

Educator at Aveda Institute Columbus

Columbus, OH

I went to a 4 year college... did corporate America for about 7 years and did not enjoy that grind whatsoever. I just did not feel the payoff. So, I found Aveda, took a tour and signed up!

Becca Goodson

Education Manager

Aveda Institute Chapel Hill

I don't want to be anywhere near the mold. I just want to be me and I want to help other people be themselves.

Katie Hammonds

Education Manager at Aveda Fredric's Institute

Indianapolis, IN

Working on movie sets are moments that I’ll never forget.

Savina N. Woods

Owner/Creator, Porcelain Doll Beauty

Charlotte, NC

I started Porcelain Dolls Beauty, which is a custom wig line. I have my own hair extension line as well, but my brand mostly focuses on women with hair loss issues, like alopecia, hair loss from chemo, and things of that nature.

Jake Ivins

Cosmetology Educator at Aveda Institute

Chapel Hill, NC

It’s about the students & watching them grow. That’s where my satisfaction & fulfillment comes from.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality education to our students. Our Institutes and students have been honored by American Association of Cosmetology Schools, Salon Today Magazine, Modern Salon Magazine, the North American Hairstyling Awards, the Professional Beauty Association and more!

Golden School Award Winner - School of the Year

The Aveda Institute Des Moines won the AACS School of the Year Award; demonstrating excellence in culture, education, marketing, student achievement, financial acumen, and community. This award is the best cosmetology school in the entire United States.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to express your creativity and establish a solid professional career, look no further. Aveda Institute Des Moines offers affordable, top-quality education to our future professionals. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to assist you during the various stages of the financial aid process. Together, we will explore the financial assistance programs available to you and determine a plan that meets your needs. Financial assistance programs available to Aveda Institute Des Moines students are listed below.

Federal student aid

Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at to determine your eligibility. Our Federal School Code is 042033.

  • PELL GRANT - Qualification is based on financial need. Does not need to be repaid, except in certain circumstances.

  • SUBSIDIZED DIRECT LOAN  - Qualification is based on financial need. The U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while a student is attending Aveda Institute Des Moines, for the first six months after no longer attending, and for authorized deferments.

  • UNSUBSIDIZED DIRECT LOAN - Students do not need to demonstrate financial need to qualify. The student is responsible for paying interest during all periods.

  • PARENT PLUS DIRECT LOANS - Available to qualifying parents of eligible dependent students.


To discuss a suitable financing plan for you, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Adam McGinley
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5pm

DOWNLOAD EDUCATIONAL LOANS CODE OF CONDUCT DISCLOSURERead more about the Federal Student Aid Programs and current interest rates here:

in-house financing

Interest free monthly payments are available.

veteran's benefits

If you are an honorably discharged veteran of the armed forces or a dependent of a deceased veteran, you may apply for veteran’s educational benefits. Please contact the Veteran’s Administration.


*The Aveda Institute Des Moines does not use a preferred lender.

A retail center for Aveda hair, skin, flower and plant Pure-Fume, body care, makeup, and lifestyle products. The retail store and our Aveda trained personnel give you the opportunity to practice your service and retailing skills with clients.


A diverse array of clients come to the Aveda Institute for beauty and wellness services. As a student, you will receive training in a variety of salon and spa settings under the direct supervision of your licensed instructors. The Institute has 122 Cosmetology stations, 8 manicure and 10 pedicure stations, 8 fully equipped spa rooms, and a private wax room for students to perform services on guests.


Individual classrooms have been designed to provide the proper environment for different types of learning and activities. All of the classrooms are equipped with ample seating and learning space, as well as state-of-the-art audio and visual learning devices. Classrooms can be opened to provide additional space for continuing education classes sponsored by the Institute.


A resource library has books on styling, motivation, health, wellness and environmental consciousness for your reference. The clinic floor is surrounded by administrative offices and the leads are available throughout the day to answer student questions. Educator offices are located near the classrooms. Laptop and copy machines are available for student use.


The Aveda Institute offers water fountains in the Experience Center, restrooms located in both the Cosmetology and Spa areas, and a student break room equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and vending machines for student use. The common areas also include a dispensary with state-of-the-art equipment, including industrial washers and dryers.


Students are responsible for all of their belongings. Students will be provided with a locker and workstation. If the student leaves the Aveda Institute by transfer, withdrawal or extended leave of absence, they need to take all of their belongings with them. Items left in the locker/workstation will be disposed of after 5 school days in order to provide space for incoming students.


The Aveda Institute offers student parking directly north of the Institute (across the street). All spaces located on the west side of the Institute should be reserved for our guests. Students must enter the building through the doors marked “student entrance” at the front of the building.

  • YES. We are now offering hybrid learning for our cosmetology and esthetics programs. The combination of online and on-campus education mixes technology with traditional education techniques to provide a cutting-edge learning experience. Your virtual learning will include professional development, haircutting theory, and more that will be the foundation for your hands-on education. Hybrid classes start every four weeks. Learn the foundation of your education in Cosmetology online.

  • Depending on consistent attendance, it takes 44 scheduled weeks to complete the 1550 hour Cosmetology Program consisting of Hair, Skin, Nail Care, and Makeup Application.

  • Depending on consistent attendance, it takes 44 scheduled weeks to complete the 1550 hour Cosmetology Program consisting of Hair, Skin, Nail Care, and Makeup Application.  Upon completion, you will be ready to take the Iowa Licensing Exam.

  • 44 Weeks | 1550 Hours of Cosmetology School will enable you to be ready to take the Iowa Licensing Exam.

  • Throughout the year we offer a number of different schedules including a night school option to let students choose the schedule that works for them.

  • The cost for students at Aveda Institute Des Moines is estimated at $23,600, which includes tuition, student kit charges, Iowa sales tax, registration fee and other expenses as well. Federal Financial Aid is available for students who qualify

  • To qualify for cosmetology licensure in Iowa, you must attend a licensed school and complete the state of Iowa' minimum required training hours and then take and pass the state's cosmetology board exams.

  • No, a U.S. High School Diploma (or U.S. equivalent) is required.

  • Hair cutting, hair styling, hair color, skin care, makeup, nails, waxing and more!

  • Cosmetology is the art and science of beauty care. A cosmetologist is an expert in beautifying the hair, skin and nails. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skin care, nail care, and hair removal.

  • Cosmetologists are commonly found working in salons, Estheticians are typically found in spas. While they share common ground, cosmetologists provide a wide variety of beauty services that are more focused around hair but include basic esthetics skills  and estheticians focus on skin care services and are not licensed to do hair services.

  • Cosmetologists learn everything about hair, but they also learn other services in the fields of esthetics and nails. Barbering is limited to men’s hair care and grooming.

  • Cosmetology school and beauty school are just different names for the same education.

  • Currently, some states allow a percentage of your cosmetology program to be done online. The percentage allowed for online education varies by state.

Student Documents & Disclosures

As an Institute, we have a lot of very valuable and important pieces of information that are too long to condense into a single web page. For these we have created documents that are available for you to download and view at your leisure.

Student Catalog

Consumer Information Packet

Campus Security Report

Educational Loans Code of Conduct


Notice of FSA Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Sexual Harassment Policies & Grievance Procedures

College Scorecard

Additional resources available

The Internet is full of great resources that can help you to succeed on your path to a career in beauty & wellness. We’ve collected a few links to external sites that you may find valuable. This list may change from time to time as we discover new items of interest.

IA Voter Registration Information

Department of Education

NCES College Navigator Guide



Completion, Placement, Licensure Applicable outcome rates for the 2020 National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) annual report year for Aveda Institute Des Moines (School ID 025042-00) are as follows:





Completion Rate 73% 95.5% 75%
Licensure Rate 100% 97% 88.9%
Placement Rate 86.7% 71.4% 77.8%





Date 5/25/20

Aveda Institute Des Moines (OPE ID: 04203300) received education stabilization funds under Section 18004(a)(1) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), Public Law No: 116-136. This Fund Report applies to the student portion received under the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund that is designated exclusively for emergency financial aid grants to students.

The institution has received these funds and is distributing them in accordance with the CARES Act and implementing guidance.

The institution is making the below information available for transparency purposes and in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education’s (“Department”) Electronic Announcement of May 6, 2020.  For questions or concerns regarding this Fund Report, Jenna Van Polen, Business Manager at

  1. The institution signed and returned to the Department the Certification and Agreement [for] Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students. The institution has used or intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide emergency financial aid grants to students.
  2. The total amount of funds that the institution will receive or has received from the Department pursuant to the institution’s Certification and Agreement [for] Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students is $115,692.
  3. The total amount of emergency financial aid grants distributed to students under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act as of the date of this Fund Report is $115,692.
  4. The estimated total number of students at the institution eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, and thus eligible to receive emergency financial aid grants under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act, as of the date of this Fund Report is 114.
  5. The total number of students who have received an emergency financial aid grant under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act as of the date of this Fund Report is 83.
  6. The methods used by the institution to determine which students receive emergency financial aid grants and how much they would receive under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act are provided at STUDENT ALLOCATION POLICY.

7. Any instructions, directions, or guidance provided by the institution to students concerning the emergency financial aid grants are provided at STUDENT FORM.

HEERF II Information

HEERF III Information

HEERF Institutional Budget and Expenditure Report - 9/30/2020


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