How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup

One of the many decisions that a bride has to make before her big day is what bridal makeup look to go for. Saying “I Do” to your future partner was the easy part. There are so many looks to choose from. While there are no incorrect answers, there are a few tips to make the decision a bit easier.

It’s a long day with tears to be shed, lots of hugs, and SO many pictures. To ensure that the look you choose lasts, wearing more makeup than normal is key.

Choose your makeup according to a style

There are so many styles to choose from; Natural, Vintage, Glam, Edgy. Research online (Pinterest, Beauty Blogs, etc..) and pick from your favorites to draw out inspiration.

Choose your makeup based on venue or theme

Think about the venue location and/or theme. Whether it’s a ballroom or backyard, the venue or theme will give cues on what to gravitate towards.

Choose your makeup based on wedding dress

The style of a wedding dress can also help you gravitate towards a makeup style. A vintage dress is paired well with a vintage or glam makeup style, while a non-traditional dress may look best with an edgy look.

Choose your makeup based on your personal style amplified

If you already have a signature beauty look, go with it! Kick it up a notch just to ensure it lasts all day and night.

Consult a professional

Most makeup artists offer a trial run prior to the big day, make sure you take them up on it well in advance! Ask for their advice as well, they are the professionals after all. Contact Aveda Institute today to book a service with our professionals

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