Time Saving Hair Hacks

Want some low-maintenance, time-saving hair hacks to keep you looking polished and put together all day? When it comes to your crown, Aveda Institute has your back!

Get a Haircut
We know, we know…there are a million reasons you put off scheduling a cut. But the truth is, a fresh cut will ensure you spend the least amount of time possible achieving a good hair day. When you even out your layers, renew its shape and remove summer-damaged dead ends, your hair is so much faster to style and easier to maintain. Fact! (You’ll also use less product.) We’ll make it easy for you: schedule a cut right now at Aveda Institute!

Cut Down on Blow Dry Time
Reclaim your time! Speed of Light Blow-Dry Accelerator Spray reduces blow-dry time by HALF. It also seals the cuticle, leaving hair beautifully finished—soft, silky, shiny and static-free. Its thermal protectant shields your hair from heat damage, and obviously, it’s Aveda, so it smells amazing.

Extend Your Blowout
Now that you have fabulously blown-out hair, hold the style as long as possible. Every day, refresh the roots with Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser, Aveda’s foaming dry shampoo that hydrates and lightly cleanses. Spritz the ends with Heat Relief Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist and then hit them with a flat or curling iron. Heat Relief is a dry conditioner that protects from thermal damage up to 450 degrees, so don’t be afraid to fire up those heat tools for a quick style revive.

Have a Go-To Style
If you have a tried-and-true cute hairstyle you can always default to when time is seriously crunched, you can look polished and put together on the most hectic of days. Just learn ONE style that you can do in less than 10 minutes, and do it over and over until you perfect it. Below are some tutorials for easy styles that look special and elevated. Remember, you just need to master ONE, and practice truly makes perfect.



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