$2,500 Minerva Beauty Scholarship

Minerva Beauty is proud to assist up-and-coming stylists with $2,500 beauty school scholarships to help cover tuition, fees and supplies. This year we partnered with Canvas ME to bring this opportunity to all of you!

Anyone looking to enter a stable, rewarding field should consider cosmetology. The ever-growing industry is constantly changing, making it an exciting prospect for those seeking a fun career. In general, the best route to take in order to become a licensed cosmetologist is to go to beauty school through a respected local program. You may want to consider applying for scholarship funds to help pay tuition and fees. Minerva can help!

Just create your Canvas ME portfolio today and apply. We can't wait to meet you.

* QUICK TIP* want to stand out? upload a 30 second - 1minute video explaining why you deserve this scholarship.



Minerva Beauty


At Minerva Beauty, our passion comes from helping people create successful businesses by providing quality salon and spa equipment at an attainable price. We pride ourselves on having original, stylish, functional, and comfortable equipment designed with you and your clients in mind. 

More facts about Minerva:

  • Located in Monroe, GA, less than an hour from the Atlanta airport 
  • Currently service over 170,000 salons and spas worldwide
  • Largest salon and spa equipment showroom in the United States
  • Constantly developing new products to keep up with the fast-paced beauty industry

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