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At the Aveda Institutes we love telling the story of our students and alumni. We’re super excited to introduce you to Becca, a student at our Chapel Hill location who has recently started our cosmetology program. Every two weeks, we’ll check in with Becca to hear how her education os progressing. Check back regularly to follow her through her story!

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With the rise of COVID-19, cosmetology school, like the rest of the world, found a need to adapt and navigate its way through the ever-increasing technological universe. From a student’s perspective, home is now your classroom, Zoom is now your chatroom, and WiFi has become either your best friend or your worst enemy.

As a current Aveda Institute student, I know things may look a little different than they traditionally would, but I have still managed to find excitement in the everyday life of my education. Through this blog, I hope to encourage you to chase your dreams in the beauty industry and to take advantage of the new normal. With that being said, here it is:


9:00 AM:

School begins. In other words, Zoom in & Clock in. My favorite thing about the start of the day is our daily wellnesses. Sometimes it’s a TedTalk, sometimes it’s a self care ritual. Regardless, I feel like a morning wellness is always a great start to my day. As one of my educators puts it, “let it be a time to set your intentions for the day.”

9:30 AM:

On test days, this is when we start our tests. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to study for them! Usually the test is over material that you have already learned and reviewed the week in advance. Pro tip: make sure you take the practice tests on Learn Aveda! They will ensure your success 🙂

10:30 AM:

Morning lecture. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. After taking notes on material, your educator will review it with you and answer any questions and misunderstandings. I love this portion of class because the educators always provide so many tips that only come from real life experience behind the chair. From lessons on advanced haircutting to curling techniques, your educators will equip you with the knowledge to best serve any client.

12:00 PM:

LUNCH TIME! Just a recommendation – consider meal prep! Meal prepping will not only give you more time during lunch to relax, but it will also be good training for in-person school and real life as a hairdresser. My favorite thing to meal prep is a chicken caprese salad. Sounds fancy, it’s really just chicken, tomatoes, and lettuce topped with some mozzarella and balsamic dressing. Delish!

12:45 PM:

Back from lunch means time for hands-on work! Hands-on is all about harnessing your skills learned from lecture by bringing them to life on your mannequin head. Some of my favorite things we have practiced on our mannequins so far include: highlight and all-over color applications, basic haircutting, perm and relaxer treatments and styling with textured hair.

3:30 PM:

If you are a 5 day student, your day is complete! For those of us who are 4 day students, we have time to review material, study for tests and ask our educators any additional questions until the end of the day at 5:15 PM. 5 day students, don’t worry! You will have time for these things on your fifth day in school. Regardless of schedule, your educators will help you in any way you need to make sure you are understanding the material to ensure your preparedness for state board.

Once you Zoom out and clock out, that’s it! A day in the life of a virtual, almost in-person cosmetology student. Even in its new state, I love cosmetology school. Everyday is an adventure and something different, and that’s truly the beauty of it all!

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