Student Blog: The Beacon Experience

By: Becca Thompson, Cosmetology Student a Aveda Institute Chapel Hill

As an Aveda Institute student, there are many opportunities to explore with your cosmetology or esthetics education. One of my favorite experiences is the Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) Beacon, an elite program that provides “top beauty industry students with a unique opportunity to gain career insights from leading beauty influencers, and network with owners from the most prestigious salons across the United States.” (PBA Beacon)

As Beacon is an exclusive program, students must submit an application with hopes of being selected for the experience. As a current Aveda Institute student, I recently completed and submitted my application for 2021! The application is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your work and practice your skills through a professional lens.

This year’s application included four primary elements: a professional Instagram account, a Canvas Me profile, a recommendation letter and a video explaining why you should be selected for the Beacon program. I found these components to be extremely helpful in building my rapport as an artist. In developing my application, I had the opportunity to run my own photoshoot, film and edit a creative video and seek feedback and expertise from industry professionals. Regardless of whether I am selected for the Beacon program, I am so thankful for the experience that the application provided me. With help from my educators at the Aveda Institute, my Beacon experience allowed me to practice and sharpen my craft, while also producing something creative and fun!

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