Surprising Careers that Start with a Cosmetology License

With a cosmetology license, the sky's the limit when picking a career. Cosmetologists have the freedom to work in many different industries. Aveda Institute can help you to express your creativity with an award-winning cosmetology program.

Beyond the chair, licensed cosmetologists have the ability to work in many career paths. What other fields you ask?

Editorial and Advertising Stylist

Work in commercial and editorial settings getting models camera ready!

Personal Stylist

Help people look their best everyday whether it be for photo shoots, on camera, or just for daily life!

Blogger / Vlogger

Share your artistic ability and craft with the world through the world of social media!

Theatre or Film Stylist

Use your skills getting actors ready for the bright lights!

Artistic Director

Lead the charge on the creative direction for a brand or company. Use your knowledge to predict upcoming trends and further the success for a brand or company.

Read out more about why you should consider getting your cosmetology license or esthetics for your career! Contact a representative at Aveda Institute today to learn how to kick start your future in the beauty industry.

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