Types of Makeup Artists

Within the world of beauty and makeup, there are many different types of careers for makeup artists. The field of cosmetology is always growing and there will always be a demand for career opportunities as beauty professionals. If you have a passion for beauty, creativity, and helping others feel confident and beautiful, Cosmetology is the career for you! Get ready to express your creativity with an award-winning cosmetology program at Aveda Institutes.

Five of the most common makeup artists are fashion, wedding, beauty brands, cinematic, and face and body painting. What is the best for you? Luckily, the professionals at Aveda Institute can help you narrow it down, or even expand your horizons. 

Fashion Makeup Artist
Work in the fashion industry creating looks for runway or photo shoots.

Wedding Makeup Artist
Help brides become their most beautiful self for the big day.

Beauty Brand Makeup Artist
Work with beauty companies and brands to highlight products and brands in makeup stores, photo shoots and beyond!

Cinematic Makeup Artist
Work in television and film to create makeup looks for actors or on-air personalities.

Face and Body Painting Makeup Artist
Create expressive and magical looks for clients. 

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