Virtual Earth Jam 2022 Recap and Winner Announced!

In 2004, the Nurtur Aveda Institutes put on an annual fashion benefit as a vehicle for our students to show off their talents and passion in a themed event that raised money for local charities. In 2021, Earth Jam evolved into a virtual event to continue to offer a unique opportunity for our students.

For the 2022 Virtual Earth Jam, our students were tasked to create hair and makeup looks inspired by a selection of fashion houses. Five concepts were chosen from each location to participate in a photoshoot with internationally reknowned photographer, Nick Spanos. From those photoshoots, a finalist from each location was chosen and eligible for a $2,000 scholarship for each of its team members. The five finalist images were voted on by a panel of beauty professionals to name a grand prize winner.

On May 18th the Nurtur Aveda Institutes community came together virtually to celebrate the talents and hard work of our students through our Virtual Earth Jam show and announce the location finalists and grand prize winner. Watch the full virtual show above and enjoy a closer look at each of this years entries below!

Photos by Nick Spanos

Grand Prize Winner

Team Members: Tiffany Chatmon, Taylor Lindeman, Grace Clausen, Gabrielle Clausen, Abbey Dean
Location: Aveda Fredric's Institute Cincinnati
Designer: Christopher John Rogers

Aveda Institute Columbus TOP 5


Members: Sarah Widman, Katrina Lehman, Makai  Abdullahi, Candace  Horner, Tony Griffith 


Members: Diana Contino, Haley Wright, Abbigail Gilmore, Marin Casey, Alexis  Wade


Members: Emma Dickson, Taylor Jackson, Andrea Wright, Mikayla Suber, Sue Dewberry


Members: Rachel King, Casey King, Kasey Kim, Rylee Johnson, Dezjheauna Moore


Members: Jalyn LaBauve, Macy Eitel, Audra Nell, Maddie Martinez, Kendell Crawford

Aveda Institute CHAPEL HILL TOP 5


Betsey johnson (Chapel hill WINNER)

Members: Sarah Farran, Brie Magee, Jason Bardin, Mindy Bardin, Tania Cruz 

christopher john rogers

Members: Aleayah Greene, Tyonna Stacker, Zarae Nobles, Kekoa Mitchell


Members: Haleigh Marshall, Jillian McKan, Madelynn Murrell, Kailyn Marcano, Nevaeh McClean


Members: Kaitlyn John Klein, Taylor Bass, Victoria Champagne, Laura Huff


Members: Hannah Cotuna, Tahmina Ahmed, Heather Seymore

Aveda Institute Los angeles TOP 5

Betsey Johnson (los angeles winner)

Members: Daria Wilson, Tanisha Hunter, Kai McKeiver, Olivia Niles

christopher john rogers

Members: Callista Jaime, Kelsie Granneman, Domonique Nelms, Ashley Johnson, Morgan  Zakarin


Members: Maddison Dexter, Aaliyah  Jones, Morgan Zakarin, Angela Castro 


Members: Kelsey McCoy, Katherine Clavijo, Roxanne Castaneda, Destiny Martinez, Ashley Rivera


Members: Didem Gokturk, Merci Borroel, Sammie McDaniel, Ronnie Hannan, Aspen Ralph

Aveda fredric's Institute cincinnati TOP 5

christopher john rogers (Grand prize WINNER)

Members: Tiffany Chatmon, Taylor Lindeman, Grace Clausen, Gabrielle Clausen, Abbey Dean

christopher john rogers

Members: Sara Rountree, SamanthaGilmore, Jade Goudeau, Heather Lacey , Alexa Allen 

christopher john rogers

Members: Adaliah Gray, Emory Brock, Alaina Kaiser, Dae’zha Boone


Members: Leah White, Maggie Elias, Emily Vaughan, Abbey Rednour, Maria Brynski


Members: Karlee Clear, Brittany Hopper, Shalis Rucker, Michaela Hazel, Emma Schultz

Aveda fredric's Institute INDIANAPOLIS TOP 5

Betsey Johnson

Members: Courtney Everman, Brylie Schlegel, Caitlyn Brown, Kaila Price, McKayla Spires


Members: Jenn Tobian, Delanie Strode, Iliana Pena, Darlene Kinslow, Abigail Adamson


Members: Rachel Sullivan, Emily Goff, Kaylie Rhodes, Hannah Wesley, LaTangela Haigood

Betsey Johnson

Members: Kathleen Trimble, Emma Laughlin, Jocelyn Fierro, Gabriella  Zalama, Liv  Monge 


Members: Hannah LaFave, Zoe Emery, Anna Mosier, Valery Pedrosa 

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