Virtual Earth Jam Recap

On June 15th the Nurtur Aveda Institutes community came together ro celebrate the talents and hard work of our students through our Virtual Earth Jam show. Students from all five of our institutes created looks to compete to represent their institute for a Grand Prize of a $2,000 Scholarship for each member of the winning team. You can watch the full show above.


Aveda Institute Columbus TOP 5

Group 4 - Fire

  • Columbus Group 1
  • Columbus Group 2
  • Columbus Group 3
  • Columbus Group 5

Group 1 - Fire

Members: Anna Beagle, Madeline Collins, Courtney Cooper

Group 2 - Wind

Members: McKenzie Wines, Claire Jonard, Melanie Alarcon

Group 3 - Water

Members: Tanowa Brown, Sakoya Pina, Soondus Muheisen, Shameca Farley

Group 4 - FIRE (Winner)

Members: Taylor Wheeler, Kristen Thomas, Emma Edwards

Group 5 - Earth

Members: Veronica Lukie, Destinae Mopeh-Thomas, Abigail Willis

Aveda Institute Chapel Hill TOP 5

  • Chapel Hill Group 1 - Water
  • Chapel Hill Group 2 - Earth
  • Chapel Hill Group 3 - Wind
  • Chapel Hill Group 5 - Infinity

Group 1 - Water

Members: Karma Williams, Erica Duenes, Tyonna Stacker, Catherine Payne

Group 2 - Earth

Members: Olivia Foster, Michael Dyess

Group 3 - Wind

Members: Jaicey Perry, Navy Jones, Mindy Bardin

Group 4 - Wind (Winner)

Members: Becca Thompson, Destiny Enoch, Tiegan Soria, Samantha Rodriguez

Group 5 - Infinity

Members: N-Fynitie Walters, Sydney Quinn, Jason Bardin

Aveda Institute Los angeles TOP 5

  • Los Angeles Group 1 - Water
  • Los Angeles Group 2 - Fire
  • Los Angeles Group 3 - Earth
  • Los Angeles Group 4 - Fire

Group 1 - Water

Members: Kaylee Kratz, 
Emily Whitehead

Group 2 - Fire

Members: Selina Dean
, Ashanti Castillo, 
Scarlet Thompson

Group 3 - EARTH

Members: Kandis Sather, Gissele Lopez, Alexis Agee

Group 4 - FIRE

Members: Candice Lewis, Shakela Hill, Maddison Dexter

Group 5 - Fire (Winner)

Members: CeeCee Fuahala, Marina Hinojosa

Aveda FREDRIC's Institute indianapolis TOP 5

Group 1 - INFINITY

Members: Sophia Merriman
, Madeline Doss
, Mariah Villarreal, 
Kasey Pierce, 
Carolina Ortiz

Group 2 - Earth 

Members: Cassandra Baldridge,
 Alyssa Zell,
 Shayla Nelson

Group 3 - EARTH (Winner)

Members: Madalinn Christy

Group 4 - Fire 

Members: Jessica Quakenbush, Mayra Escalon

Group 5 - earth

Members: Aschlee Rieg, Ross Higgins

Aveda FREDRIC's Institute Cincinnati TOP 5

  • Cincinnati Group 1 - Earth
  • Cincinnati Group 4 - Wind
  • Cincinnati Group 3 - Earth
  • Cincinnati Group 5 - Earth

Group 1 - EARTH

Members: Jayden Donk, Summer Dey, MK Haas, Jojo Bartnik

Group 2 - WIND (Winner)

Members: Kate Myers, Sydney Knecht, Brandy Hitt, Margaux McGlasson

Group 3 - EARTH

Members: Clara West, Julie Renner, Sadie Pulliam

Group 4 - wind 

Members: Jadence Dalton, Grace Fisher, Michele Allen

Group 5 - Fire

Members: Kelsie Marois, Bailyn Kimberlin, Kaitlyn Beach, Isabella Geraci

Grand Prize Winner

Team Members: Madalinn Christy
Location: Aveda Fredric's Institute Indianapolis
Element: Earth

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