What Software Do You Need for Your Salon & Spa

The right salon & spa software could make or break your small business. Having the best software for appointment booking, point of sale, and salon & spa management is relative. What is the best software for one salon & spa owner to manage their salon & spa, may not work for the next. 

When researching software, keep in mind what is most important for your salon & spa. Booking appointments, salon marketing, point of sale for payment processing, salon business operation management, email marketing, salon & spa business reporting, inventory management, or an all in one software? Some software offers free trials which can be very beneficial. 

A salon marketplace is a good option. A marketplace is an online portal where clients can browse salons in their area and they would typically also offer salon software that connects to the marketplace. The benefit of using a platform that also has a client marketplace is that you can get your salon & spa featured on its client-facing platform to help you draw in new clients. You may however lose some control of your client data as your clients’ profiles are created with the marketplace. 

Many software options allow you to use certain parts of their program (i.e. appointment booking, email marketing), but allow you to integrate other software for other functions. 

When researching salon softwares, keep in mind what is important for your salon: flexibility, simplicity, design, integrations, features, subscription models, and price. 

Software Advice is a good place to look into many different options. You have the ability to filter your industry, company size, and price points. Look into each option and read the reviews! 

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