How Much Does it Cost to Open a Salon & Spa

While the exact cost to open a salon & spa can vary depending on your particular business model and goals, we can help determine a rough estimate to get going! 

Salon & Spa Loans and Financing
If you choose to take out loans to open your salon & spa, there will be monthly payments and finance charges to consider.

Salon & Spa Insurance
Get a few quotes from trusted companies and make sure you’re selecting the right coverages and limits to match your needs and fully protect your business.
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Salon & Spa Software and Point of Sale System
The right salon & spa software could make or break your small business. Having the best software for appointment booking, point of sale, and salon management is important.
moreWhat Software Do You Need for Your Salon​​​​​​​ & Spa

Salon & Spa Website
Depending on how you choose to handle your website needs, there could be a monthly fee to maintain. 

Salon & Spa Licenses
Certification above all else is important. All working stylists must hold a state cosmetology license (or be enrolled in an accredited beautician program). These licenses must be issued in the same state as your salon & spa location and posted on the premises.

Licenses and permits are needed to operate, business license, health and safety permits, and seller permit (if you plan to sell retail in your salon & spa). 

Salon & Spa Branding, Design & Marketing
Costs associated with creating a logo, and getting the word out about your salon & spa such as print, broadcast, web, and social advertising.

Legal & Consulting Fees
You may need assistance from a professional for help with negotiating a lease, writing a financial plan or other steps along the way. 

Salon & Spa Equipment
Equipment costs will depend on the services and retail that your salon & spa provides.
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​​​​​​​Initial Salon & Spa Supplies and Inventory

Salon & Spa Location

When leasing a space, you’ll most likely be responsible for a security deposit and a couple months of rent up front. Costs will vary depending on location and size. If you plan on purchasing a space, the costs will rise significantly. 

There are many different aspects that can and will impact the cost of starting your salon & spa. You will have to make several decisions over the coming weeks and months that ultimately determine the cost. Do your research and make your salon & spa your own! 

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Product + Service Packages

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