Guide to Retail Sales in Your Salon & Spa

Now that you have your salon & spa estetic nailed down, now it’s time to determine what type of products to sell in your salon & spa! You have clients that trust you with their hair, so why wouldn’t they trust you with suggesting products? Take that trust one step further to gain revenue for your salon & spa retail sales. 

Product Selection
Choose your products wisely. Best to stick to a single or a few brands. What styling products do you love when styling your own or clients’ hair? 

Know Your Products
Know your product selection in and out. Use your product knowledge when performing services / hair care and explain to your client how to use each product. 

Retail Display
Your retail area and display should be inviting, informative, and organized. Clearly label prices and with a short description of what each product does.

Where to Buy Retail Products
Buying in bulk will save you money. Local beauty supply stores are a good option as well as online distributors. 

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