Complete Guide: How to Open a Salon

Have you ever wanted to own your own salon & spa? We have compiled years of experience into one short guide to give you a sampling of what you need to know in order to launch your own business! 

What type of Salon should you open?

Deciding what type of salon & spa business to open can be daunting. There are a few factors that you may want to consider; your hair salon experience, esthetic, your budget, and the demographics within the area you are opening. The decision to open a successful salon & spa has more than likely been a dream of yours for quite some time, so also ask yourself what YOU want! 

Owning a Salon & Spa: What are your options?

How to create a Business Plan for your Salon

A business plan for your salon & spa is crucial to plan for success. A business plan will help you to determine what you want your salon & spa to offer, where you want to take your salon’s growth, boost your salon & spa business’s productivity, direction, and help you make informed decisions. 

How to create a business plan for your salon & spa

Free Download: Salon Business Plan Template

Organize your business plan. Include goals, value proposition and divide your statement into sections of opportunity, financial expectations, and intentions.

Download our Salon & Spa Business Plan Template

Budgeting for Your Salon - Understanding Monthly Expenses

The budget for your salon & spa is basically the financial plan portion of your business plan. The budget will help you to forecast revenue and what you have to spend. 

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Registering your Salon, Applying for Permits, and more

Before you can start getting to the fun parts of being a salon owner, it’s important to first make sure that you’ve got all of the necessary permits and licenses that you will need to run your salon. Without these, you could find yourself in trouble with the law, or unable to open in the first place. 

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Create a Marketing Plan for your Salon

Creating an effective beauty salon & spa marketing plan can save time, money, gain new clients, and boost revenue for your salon & spa. 

While it can be easy to get lost in the weeds when developing a marketing plan for your salon & spa business, start with the big picture first and then dive into the details. 

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What kind of Insurance does my Salon need?

Insurance is peace of mind. Things happen and having the right types of insurance for your salon & spa will protect you, your employees and customers against liability, accidents, and damage. There are many things that can go wrong in a salon & spa and it’s important to protect against potential losses and lawsuits.

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Free Checklist: Equipment Needed for Hair Salons

When choosing the perfect hair care retail products, take the time to make sure that they will fit your salon and clients; needs and aesthetic.

We have put together a hair salon & spa equipment list to ensure that you have a successful Grand Opening! 

Free Checklist: Equipment Needed for Hair Salons

Free Template: Salon Service Menu

A salon & spa service menu is a list of the services that your beauty salon & spa offers. Typically a list of services, with short descriptions and prices for each. Take the time to ensure that your menu stands out and speaks for your brand. 

Free Template: Salon Service Menu

Guide to Retail Sales in your Salon

Now that you have your salon & spa estetic nailed down, now it’s time to determine what type of products to sell in your salon & spa! You have clients that trust you with their hair, so why wouldn’t they trust you with suggesting products? Take that trust one step further to gain revenue for your salon & spa retail sales. 

Guide to Retail Sales in your Salon

What Software do you need for your Salon?

The right salon & spa software could make or break your small business. Having the best software for appointment booking, point of sale, and salon & spa management is relative. What is the best software for one salon & spa owner to manage their salon & spa, may not work for the next. 

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Tips for hiring your Salon Staff

When it comes time to hire your salon & spa staff, it can be a struggle to find people with the qualifications, work well with others, and represent your salon & spa well.

Tips for hiring your Salon Staff

Get the Skills to be a Beauty Professional