Free Download: Salon & Spa Business Plan Template

Mission Statement
Immediate purpose of your salon & spa business and goals within the next year.

Executive Statement
Include goals, value proposition and divide your statement into sections of opportunity, financial expectations, and intentions.

Customer Analysis 
Identify the target audience in your market and what services to best suit.

Competitor Analysis
Identify competitors and what their strengths and weaknesses are

Business Description
Detail of type of Salon and/or Spa (services, products)

Advertising Plan
Ensure your salon & spa is listed in online directories, create a website or a mobile application, and social media. 

Financial Plan
5-year Financial Statement broken out monthly, quarterly, and yearly profit and loss statement, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statement

Complete Guide: How To Open a Salon & Spa

How to Create a Business Plan for Your Salon & Spa
Registering Your Salon & Spa, Applying for Permits, and More
How Much Does it Cost to Open a Salon & Spa
What Software Do You Need for Your Salon & Spa

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