Free Template: Salon & Spa Service Menu

A salon & spa service menu is a list of the services that your beauty salon & spa offers. Typically a list of services, with short descriptions and prices for each. Take the time to ensure that your menu stands out and speaks for your brand. 

Your salon & spa service menu doesn’t just tell people about your services, it sells them. When done right, it gets people excited about your services and convinces them to buy while also speaking to your target customer. Follow the below salon menu template to get started. 

What to include:
Basic service items (i.e. haircut, coloring, massage, etc…)
Specialty service items (i.e. hot stone massage, deep tissue, etc…) 

Price list
Create the menu with clear titles that are both informative and enticing. Use the descriptions to draw in the client to purchase. Ideally 2-3 sentence descriptions. 

Design & Branding
Be consistent with the graphic design. Follow your aesthetic, colors, and design template of your salon. Stick with the same font, colors, and style to have a uniform feel.

Where will your menu be displayed? Print, online (email/web/socials)? Double check that the menu looks visually appealing on all platforms. 

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