Create a Marketing Plan for Your Salon & Spa

Creating an effective beauty salon & spa marketing plan can save time, money, gain new clients, and boost revenue for your salon & spa. 

While it can be easy to get lost in the weeds when developing a marketing plan for your salon & spa business, start with the big picture first and then dive into the details. 

First, Assess your past years number and performance. Figure out what worked well, what didn’t, and what would need a few tweaks to work well. Track, analyze, and assess your salon & spa metrics, and use your performance to lay the foundation for your business goals for the next year. Pay attention to these numbers:

  • Average number of appointments per month

  • Total revenue for the year and revenue by month

  • Number of new clients gained over the year

  • Total number of clients 

  • Number of followers on each social media platform

  • Number of website visitors 

Based on the past numbers, set realistic goals for the future within the budget that works for you.

Revamp your website and social media. Make sure your website and social media sites are always up to date, online booking and search engine are in working order, and being updated with deals, promotions, etc… often!

Focus on retail. If you sell retail items in your salon & spa, push those items!

Create an advertising plan. Perhaps your audience has more interaction on different social media sites? You may want to amp up the budget in that area and decrease what was spent in marketing  in other areas or vice versa. 

Pay attention to customer loyalty and retention. Take a look at what your customers respond to. Even the smallest thing like great customer service can go a very long way.

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