Tips for Hiring Your Salon & Spa Staff

When it comes time to hire your salon & spa staff, it can be a struggle to find people with the qualifications, work well with others, and represent your salon & spa well.

Prior to placing the recruitment ad, have in mind what qualifications the candidates will need and that you are ready for the interview process. More than likely, you will receive an abundance of applicants and best to be prepared. 

Write the job description
Be honest about exactly what you need, job title, description of requirements, experience, and salary.

Post on social media and with local cosmetology schools
Social media can help you attract job candidates you would not normally reach. Post your job ad on Facebook and Instagram and ask your friends, family, and employees to share. Paid ads on social media can reach an even wider audience. Also post with local cosmetology schools and job boards. 

Prepare for the interview process
Keep in mind exactly what you are looking for in an employee. During the interview, consider having a mannequin available so you can see their work in action. Once you narrow down the candidates run a background check for potential employees. 

Consider a trial period
Even with all of the right qualifications, someone may just not be the right fit. Offer a trial period to new salon employees. After that period either party can decide if it was meant to be!

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