10 Reasons Beauty School Might Be For You

Once you have secured a cosmetology license, the possibilities are endless. The beauty industry has an abundance of different career paths you can venture down. If you are wanting to dive into this industry, there are some essential characteristics you should have in order to kill it in this industry.

Here are 10 key characteristics that help cosmetology students thrive in the beauty industry.

    The beauty industry is essentially made up of artistic individuals. A great stylist is able to see a person and envision what the perfect cut, color, and style would be to enhance their natural beauty, showcase personality and bring out their best! The stylists that are able to combine their creativity with the skills developed in beauty school are sure to flourish within the industry.

    Providing an unparalleled experience to each and every individual guest that sits in your chair is essential. The attentiveness, friendliness and the willingness to go above and beyond to do what it takes to be a day maker for your guests is what demonstrates superior customer service skills.

    When your job is to make people look good and feel good about themselves, you have to inspire their confidence by showing them YOUR best. You are a walking billboard for what you bring to the table as a stylist. That means every day you are committed to showing up and looking the part. Being well dressed in a clean, well-fitted and fashion-forward outfit with aspiring hair, healthy skin and hair & makeup done.

    The beauty industry is always evolving and growing. Trends, techniques and styles are continuously popping up. Having an interest and sense of excitement about emerging fashion and style trends is key to staying current and relevant in the industry.

    In order to grow and develop in this industry, you are going to make mistakes and receive productive criticism. Learning from your mistakes and taking critiques not as a personal attack but as a valuable step in developing to becoming a better stylist is important. It is a vital step in sharpening your skills. The ability to persevere until you are able to become an expert at something will serve you well, not just in cosmetology school, but in life.

    Working in the beauty industry can be strenuous at times, though it is always rewarding. You are on your feet for long hours, constantly using your mind and working your body. It takes a ton of practice to be able to obtain the power and dexterity you will need to perfect your craft.

    When guests are unhappy with the outcome of a service, it is because their service provider didn’t understand them. This misunderstanding causes the service provider to not execute what the guest wanted, and no stylist wants that. A stylist must be able to listen and comprehend what their guest is saying in order to accomplish what the guest is asking. Listening to and identifying what your guest is saying as well as what they portraying with their body language is vital to success. Speak your guests language and you are a shoe in for success.

    Color theory is a key component you learn in cosmetology school. Color perception requires you to raise your awareness about what colors are compatible, how colors interact and blend, and how they can enhance different skin tones and natural coloring.

    You have to have a love for your craft. Do what you love, love what you do. Your passion might revolve around cutting, coloring, styling, applying makeup or nail art. Whatever your specialty may be, it has to make you enjoy what you are doing for a living. To flourish in your career, you always have to be enthusiastic and eager for continuing education in your craft.

    As much as cosmetology is geared towards the right-brained creative type, developing your business skills and your personal growth is equally as relevant to your job. How you market yourself, achieve prebooking your guests and how you sell products will help propel you towards a better overall career.

If anything on this list resonated with you, you will R O C K cosmetology school. You may have a few more questions or want more insight to the world of beauty and wellness, so fill out the form below for more info. We hope to see you soon!

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